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We are a leader in the Solar and Wind Energy Domain

Who We are

Vflit Energy is the public-facing brand encompassing the customer-facing elements under which we market our energy solution sales to commercial and industrial customers.

We are a leader across the value chain – from generation, trading, and supply, to behind-the-meter solutions. Vflit Energy through its utility subsidiaries provides regulated electric and natural gas service to approximately 975,000 electric and approximately 420,000 Solar Energy customers in the Midwest.

We have the resources and vision to meet the evolving energy needs of customers today and tomorrow, working towards a better energy future.

Our corporate headquarters is located in San Frisco, California. An additional general office is in Madison, Wisconsin. We provide inclusive work environments and are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We recognize and respect diversity. We appreciate the differences and perspectives a diverse culture brings to the work environment, the company, and our customers.

Vflit Energy takes its responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously. We are careful stewards of the environment and support the communities in which we do business. We aggressively pursue emerging technologies and safe, sustainable methods of energy production.

Our Vision

We will deliver the energy solutions and services to our customers based solely on commitment, safety, efficiency, and responsibility

Our values

We are focused on public value outcomes that include:

  • Safe and sustainable energy resources
  • A quality-built environment
  • Zero-emission, climate-ready economy and community
  • Healthy, resilient and biodiverse environment
  • Reliable, efficient, accessible, safe and sustainable resource services
  • Productive and effective environment management
  • Sustainable and effective local governments

Our strategic framework  One-Vflit outlines our chosen values of

  • teamwork
  • wellbeing and safety
  • ownership
  • service excellence

Our Mission

To be the world’s most customer-centric company.

Our Commitment

At Vflit, we are committed to finding solutions to the climate change challenges, while also supporting social and economic development around the world by providing energy that is ever more affordable, cleaner, more reliable, and accessible to as many people as possible. This is what we mean when we say we want to be a world-class player in the energy transition.

Affordable and sustainable energy solutions are required to advance global prosperity. We invest in technology and communities to bring the world a better energy place.

Commitment to compliance

Honesty, integrity, and moral principles are the key pillars of our compliance statement and we’re proud to be a company that values ethical behavior and understands the importance of compliance.

Our Clean Energy Vision

Clean Energy is our plan for accelerating our transition to produce more clean, renewable energy reliably, affordably, and sustainably. This is our roadmap to accelerate our transition to renewable energy. Embracing sustainable practices and innovating at every turn, Moving forward by expanding solar energy means reducing our long-term reliance on coal-powered generation. Clean energy is affordable and will deliver sustainable benefits to customers for decades to come.

Why Vflit

Vflit Energy can be your guide, making it easier to manage day-to-day energy needs while increasing efficiency, managing cost, and addressing your decarbonization goals. Together, we can build a better energy future charting a clearer path to net-zero that’s realistic and attainable.

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