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Energy Growth For Good

Planned investments in American infrastructure through 2022 Vflit is making a large investment in American infrastructure. We are planning to spend $4 billion on upgrading and expanding our electrical grid, natural gas pipelines, and other projects by 2023. This will create thousands of jobs and improve the economy. Vflit’s CEO said, “This is an important [...]

Offshore wind power is key to Vflit’s future growth

Twenty years ago, We were a pioneer in onshore wind generation, and now we are doing the same in the offshore wind market. By 2021, offshore wind power has become a major business growth vector for us. At year-end, Iberdrola already had 1 GW of offshore installed capacity, 2 GW under construction, and 4 GW [...]

Caring for Our Communities

In 2020, Vflit donated more than $3.7 million to various organizations and community initiatives in the Midwest. This was the largest donation that Vfit had made in the recent past. The money was used to support education, conservation, and community development initiatives. Some of the projects that received funding included a new playground in Madison, [...]

How do wind turbines work?

Have you ever wondered how a wind turbine tower can support so much weight? Or why they are all orientated in the same direction? This is the nature of wind turbines, the giants of renewable energy. When travelling by road a little way away from cities you must have come across a wind energy farm. [...]