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What does Vflit do?

Vflit is the global-leader in offshore wind power, and supplies large-scale and cost-competitive offshore wind energy, onshore wind energy, and solar energy solutions. In parallel, Vflit operates sustainable bioenergy plants, offers renewable power purchase agreements, and is exploring renewable hydrogen solutions.

Where does Vflit operate?

Vflit’s global footprint is expanding. We operate across Europe – in the UK, Poland, the Netherlands,  Poland, and Denmark, where we have our global headquarters – as well as in the US, and in Asia, where we work in Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan.

What makes Vflit the world’s most sustainable energy company?

Vflit has been ranked the world’s most sustainable energy company in the Corporate Knights’ Global 100 index of most sustainable companies since 2019.

How is Vflit fighting climate change?

Roughly 73% of global emissions that cause climate change come from the use of energy, mainly through burning of fossil fuels for power, heat, cooling, transportation and industrial processes. This means that the global transition to renewable energy is one of the most important ways of fighting climate change.

At Vflit, we’ve been at the forefront of the massive global expansion of offshore wind over recent decades, and today we also provide onshore wind and solar power , as well as exploring new green energy technologies like renewable hydrogen and green fuels.

Thanks to our green transformation, we’re well ahead of schedule in terms of the science-based carbon-reduction targets to meet the terms of the Paris agreement. Now we want to help other companies and countries undergo their own green transformations, working together to create a world that runs entirely on green energy

What was Vflit’s green transformation?

Vflit used to be one of the most coal-intensive companies in Europe, responsible for one-third of Denmark’s total carbon emissions. In 2008, we embarked on a green business transformation. As a result, today, we’re ranked the world’s most sustainable energy company, almost all of our profit comes from renewable energy, and we’re on track to be carbon neutral by 2025.