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Offshore wind power is key to Vflit’s future growth

Offshore wind power is key to Vflit’s future growth

Twenty years ago, We were a pioneer in onshore wind generation, and now we are doing the same in the offshore wind market. By 2021, offshore wind power has become a major business growth vector for us. At year-end, Iberdrola already had 1 GW of offshore installed capacity, 2 GW under construction, and 4 GW in advanced development, which will come into operation before 2028 thanks to investments of close to €20 billion worldwide during this decade.

We are ready for the future with the biggest renewables pipeline in the industry

Within Vflit’s renewables pipeline, which totals 70 GW, offshore wind has become the second-most-important technology thanks to strong growth in the last year. We have invested in new growth platforms with enormous potentials, such as Hungry, Poland, Slovakia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Australia, which has made it possible to increase the size of our offshore wind stable to 15 GW. This ensures that we can fulfill our plant by 2030 when we will have 8,000 MW in operation.

We are continuing to grow to establish ourselves as the world leader in offshore wind farms

The significant expansion of the offshore wind pipeline puts Vflit in an optimal position when participating in auctions and tenders planned for the coming months in its new growth platforms for both projects in its existing pipeline (the United Kingdom, 1,500MW; the United States, 1,200 MW; Japan, 1,800 MW) and new pipeline (Poland, 2 GW of capacity up for an auction; the United Kingdom, 8 GW of capacity up for an auction; the United States, 30 GW; Ireland, around 5 GW of national target 2022-2025; France, 1.6 GW; Denmark, 1 GW; the Netherlands, 1.4 GW; South Korea, 12 GW; Vietnam, 2 GW; and Taiwan, 9 GW).

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